White Paper

The Future of Namibia Energy Developments

How should Namibia set up its oil and gas projects to maximise profitability for the country and minimise flaring - can the revenues from oil pay for gas liquefaction? Greg Coleman explores the options and business models

Methane - why measurement changes everything

Measurement of methane changes everything. Measured values are significantly higher, from a few tens of percent to an order of magnitude, than values arrived at by ‘engineering estimates’, ‘land surface models’, ‘official estimates’, and other assumption-riddled calculations

What is your model for measuring methane emissions and flaring?

Greg Coleman, CEO of Future Energy Partners, explains how to make a model for measuring methane emissions and flaring in a robust and scrutinisable way

Process Safety must take precedence in High Hazard Industries

Process safety incidents often claim the lives of workers, impact families, and cause substantial financial costs to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, operational integrity and process safety are critical to the success of companies and countries. What are the lessons to learn?

Advantaged Hydrocarbons

Global energy demand will not be met solely from renewables - gas will be a critical component of lifting billions out of energy poverty – but can exploration keep pace with demand?

Advances in Emissions Tracking Technology

Eliminating flaring and fugitive methane emissions are mission-critical for oil and gas companies. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are connected to rising global temperatures.

Stay ahead of the competition and the regulatory framework