May 5, 2022

Combining digital + people strengths to reduce operational emissions

Strengths of machines:

  • They can gather plenty of different streams of sensor data, look at patterns, and identify if something is going wrong or about to go wrong, for example an emerging  problem with a pump, compressor, or generator itself.
  • They can be used to model consumption and generation patterns and see if we are generating more power than we need
  • They can detect gas leaks if we have sensors in the right place, either direct sensing or looking for gas clouds with infrared cameras.
  • They can gather data about our flaring which we can use to work out if investing in alternative systems to work with the gas would pay off.
  • They can help us evaluate which of multiple options gives the best returns.


Strengths of people:

  • They can evaluate if there may be a better way to do this.
  • They can see if we can learn from what someone else has done.
  • They can see if we are gathering all the data we need to work out if we can do it better.
  • They can assess digital technology, including working out what may be most appropriate and what may be unhelpful.
  • They can make decisions about where effort and money is best placed.


It seems clear that reducing operational emissions would do well to draw on the strengths of both people and digital technology.


Future Energy Partners can help you work out if you are doing this as well as possible. Let us know if you are interested in discussing further.



Future Energy Partners can help you evaluate if you have a business model for CCS. If you may be interested please let us know by filling in our form here.

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