Leadership for uncertain times


It is recognized that the environment in which we all work, operate, live, run enterprises and bring up our families is increasingly ‘VUCA’ (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). The changes taking place around us not only across our

nations but across the world are no longer events that happen to other people. They are now happening to us, to our communities and to our organisations.

On this programme you will learn what creates VUCA situations, what skills you need to be a leader in this environment and how to prepare your team for uncertain times.


Upon successful completion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand what is creating uncertainty
  • Understand how people behave under stress
  • Understand the nature of leadership in stressful environments
  • Describe the range of appropriate leadership responses
  • Understand how to build resilience


1. The evolution of the working environment

  • The four Industrial Revolutions
  • The evolution of management theory

2. Understanding stress in the workplace

  • The biological response
  • Physical ergonomics
  • Cognitive ergonomics
  • Eudaimonic design

3. How to build a resilient workforce

  • What is resilience
  • What is self-determination
  • How to lead in stressful situations

COURSE LENGTH – 1 day / 5 hours


This course includes lectures, readings, assignments and exercises, quizzes and case studies. All presentations, course materials and supporting language will be presented in English.

All participants will be expected to actively engage in class discussions. You should come prepared to ask or answer questions from your work outside of class and be prepared to discuss related issues, other points of view, or even opposing ideas.


This course will be delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams in 1 sessions of 5 hours per day. Audio-visual recording of presentation is strictly forbidden. Course materials cannot be purchased by non-attendees.

Led by Trudi Stevens - Associate at Future Energy Partners

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