Introduction to the Renewable Energy Industry


This course is designed for a wide audience. The industry insight provided will be of great value to government officials and staff involved in the oil, gas and energy industries.

·      Those seeking a broader knowledge of the energy industry and markets, particularly renewables.

·      New recruits to energy companies.

·      Analysts, planners, traders, sales, marketing, engineering, communications, public relations and commercial personnel.

·      Those requiring an understanding of the energy value chain.

·      Financial and legal professionals

·      Ministerial, governmental, industry bodies and development agency staff.

·      Consultants providing services to energy organisations.


Upon completion, participants will gain an appreciation of the principal types of renewable energy, which includes:

·      Biofuels

·      Wind

·      Wave and Tide

·      Hydro

·      Geothermal

·      Photovoltaic


 Module 1. The Energy Supply Chain & The Petroleum Industry

·       The Energy Supply Chain

·       Energy Stakeholders

·       Structure of Energy Supply Chains & Organisations

·       Health, Safety and the Environment

Module 2.  Biofuels

·       History

·       Solid biomass

·       Liquid Biofuels

Module 3. Wind

·       Wind

·       Offshore vessels and cranes

·       Case Study: Hornsea 1

·       Case Study: Gansu

Module 4. Tidal and Wave

·       History

·       Tidal barriers

·       Offshore Tidal developments

·       Wave

·       Coursework

Module 5. Geothermal and hydroelectric

·       History

·      Geothermal

·      Hydro

Module 6. Solar

·       Solar Thermal

·       Solar Photovoltaic


This course includes lectures, readings, assignments and exercises, quizzes and case studies. All presentations, course materials and supporting language will be presented in English.

All participants will be expected to actively engage in class discussions. You should come prepared to ask or answer questions from your work outside of class and be prepared to discuss related issues, other points of view, or even opposing ideas.


This course will be delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams in 1 sessions of 5 hours per day. Audio-visual recording of presentation is strictly forbidden. Course materials cannot be purchased by non-attendees.

Led by Christopher Lloyd - Associate at Future Energy Partners

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