Governance and Integrated Management Systems


The Governance of Integrated Management Systems underscores a systematic approach through which integrated management systems are directed and controlled within an organisation. It covers the overall structure and processes for decision-making, accountability, control as well as the behaviour at the top of an organisation and how this influences the successful implementation of management systems. The GIMS influences how an organisation plus its management system objectives, aligned and achieved, how risks are monitored and addressed, as well as the optimisation of performance.

In order to achieve a successful implementation strategy for Integrated Management Systems within today’s dynamic and complex workplaces with a diversity of management system options, a systematic approach that incorporates strategic planning, risk management and performance management is paramount.

Just like culture, the GIMS is a core component that presents unique characteristics of any successful organisation. We focus on the complex nature of the Oil and Gas industry drawing from governance of management systems case studies from leading corporations globally.


Upon successful completion, participants should be able to:

  • Effectively communicate the basics and business case for integrated management systems.
  • Identify the key steps in realising an integrated management system.
  • Apply governance principles in your organisation’s management systems.
  • Analyse existing gaps and suggest practical recommendations and/or strategies relevant to your organisational context.


Module 1. Upstream, midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Activities 

Module 2. Decision making: In-house/Internationalised Integrated ManagementSystems options 

Module 3. Analysis of Selected Organisational Management Systems (ISO 45001,14001, 9001) 

Module 4. Organisational Context and Gap Analysis 

Module 5. Overview of Key Steps for realisation of Integrated ManagementSystems 

Module 6. Strategic Planning and risk management: elements of ManagementSystems and PDCA 

Module 7. Implementation: Optimisation of QHSE Management Oil & Gas performance case 



This course includes lectures, readings, assignments and exercises, quizzes and case studies. All presentations, course materials and supporting language will be presented in English.

All participants will be expected to actively engage in class discussions. You should come prepared to ask or answer questions from your work outside of class and be prepared to discuss related issues, other points of view, or even opposing ideas.

Two 2 hour lectures per week


This course will be delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams in 1 sessions of 5 hours per day. Audio-visual recording of presentation is strictly forbidden. Course materials cannot be purchased by non-attendees.

Led by Gerald Gwamba - FEP Business Development Eastern Africa

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