Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities


To enable oil and gas professionals to understand the current and future changes in the energy industry resulting from climate change issues; and to apply this knowledge in helping energy companies optimise the transition to low carbon operations.

‍Designed for professionals with at least 5 years’ experience in oil and gas, petrochemicals, services, engineering and other related industries.


Upon successful completion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the science behind climate change
  • See how this affects the forecast demand for all energy types
  • Understand how carbon emissions can be reduced
  • Identify career and business opportunities
  • Learn how renewable energy is developing: for wind, solar, hydrogen and others
  • Be informed of initiatives by Governments and energy companies managing the transition


Module 1. Paleo climatology – the history of climate

•         What causes long range climate change

•         Recent climate changes

Module 2. Current climate change factors

•         Warming caused by natural and anthropogenic factors

•         Carbon dioxide effects

•         Solar radiation

•         El NinoSouthern Oscillation

Module 3. Forecasts

•        Temperature forecasts

•         Sea level rise

•         Other effects of climate change

Module 4. Energy demand forecasts

•         History of oil production

•         Remaining oil and gas reserves

•        Oil, gas and renewables demand forecasts

Module 5.  Business opportunities from climate change

•       Opportunities for oil and gas companies

•       Opportunities for professionals

•       International agreements: The UN Framework on climate change

Module 6. Greenhouse gas reduction options

•       Energy efficiency

•       Methane

•       Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS)

Module 7. Alternative energy and renewables

•        Comparison of energy types

•        Natural gas bridge

•        Renewables

•         Wind, solar, hydrogen

•        Electric vehicles

Module 8. What Governments and Energy companies are doing?

•           Governments: UK, Europe, Asia, USA

•           Energy companies: BP, ENI, Equinor, Neptune, Shell, Total, Whitecap

•           Renewable energy investments




This course includes lectures, readings, assignments and exercises, quizzes and case studies. All presentations, course materials and supporting language will be presented in English.

All participants will be expected to actively engage in class discussions. You should come prepared to ask or answer questions from your work outside of class and be prepared to discuss related issues, other points of view, or even opposing ideas.

This course meets twice a week for two 2 hours sessions.


This course will be delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams in 1 sessions of 5 hours per day. Audio-visual recording of presentation is strictly forbidden. Course materials cannot be purchased by non-attendees.

Led by Peter Clutterbuck - Managing Director Global Energy Consultants

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