Our Programmes

HSE Management

This course provides practical training on effective leadership in Health, Safety and Environmental Management. The course builds on the foundations of operations and project management to prepare participants in assessing oil and gas projects and manage risks as part of an energy business. Designed for HSE leaders and manager with at least 5 years experience in oil and gas industries, petrochemicals, services, engineering and other related industries.

Management Systems

This course provides participants with in-depth understanding of management systems principles, methodologies and practices. Particularly, those used during system development, implementation and improvement. MS sets out a company’s arrangements for controlling its key business activities such as HSEQ and wider business functions. Designed for top middle management, engineers, supervisors, graduates, newly promoted individuals from Oil, Gas and Renewable industries, including contractors and suppliers.

Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities

This course provides insights on the science behind climate change, the outlook for different energy sources and opportunities for Energy companies and professionals. We cover options for reducing GHG emissions, the transition to renewables, what oil companies are doing to diversity and the importance of government incentives. Designed for professionals with at least 5 years experience in oil and gas, petrochemicals, services, engineering and other related industries.

Introduction to the Renewable Energy Industry

This course comprehensively covers the key sectors of the renewable energy industry and how it fits in with the world energy picture. The course provides understanding and insight to the processes, drivers, threats and opportunities associated with the core industry activities, as well as environmental, safety and security issues. This course is designed for a wide audience. The industry insight provided will be of great value to government officials and staff involved in the oil, gas and energy industries.

Governance and Integrated Management Systems

This course is designed to build management and technical competences necessary for the governance of integrated management systems with the energy and support sectors. This course is intended to leverage on industry-based practices to promote sound management of processes across complex sectors. Participants will develop management system capabilities relevant across the entire life cycle of an integrated management system development based on case studies from the Energy and associated sectors in a global perspective.

Coaching and Mentoring in Business

This course provides practical training on coaching and mentoring skills, which are particularly relevant for achieving business objectives and creating a productive workforce. The course provides knowledge and understanding of how to coach and mentor individuals and how to manage the process. It provides models of coaching and mentoring that will increase the effectiveness of training and the motivation of employees. The course is designed for supervisors, managers and internal coaches and mentors within an organisation.

Enterprise Risk Management

This course provides the knowledge, understanding and skills to create and manage the Enterprise Risk Management function within an organisation. It provides the tools to analyse the culture, capabilities and practices needed, at a strategic level, to manage risk and create value to the organisation. This course will enable you to design systems to address enterprise risk. The course is designed for all managers and executives who have responsibilities for health safety, security, financial and legislative risk in their organisation.

Leadership for new managers

This course provides the knowledge and understanding to enable people to provide effective leadership in their job role. Good leadership creates strong teams. This programme helps to develop leadership skills that can be used in many different situations. It describes what leadership is, why people need leadership and how to become an effective leader. The course is designed for people who have been promoted into supervisory roles and those who would like to understand how to lead people more effectively.

Leadership for uncertain times

It is recognized that the environment in which we all work, operate, live, run enterprises and bring up our families is increasingly ‘VUCA’ (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). On this programme you will learn what creates VUCA situations, what skills you need to be a leader in this environment and how to prepare your team for uncertain times. The course is designed for all managers who are leading people in stressful and challenging environments.

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