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Future Energy Partners work with solution providers to identify opportunities to address industry challenges. Specific opportunities we can pursue together which singly or collectively can contribute to cleaner, more efficient operations. An example of options to add value and reduce the carbon footprint of a hydrocarbon operation are discussed in the following paragraphs.

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FEP was founded by leading practitioners and academics with a proven ability to delivery industry leading solutions

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The team has extensive global experience in planning, developing and operating assets and businesses

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FEP provides practical and fit for purpose solutions that are implementable today in service of tomorrow’s challenges.

Business Areas

Gas to Power

Future Energy Partners can conduct a feasibility assessment around options to reduce and eliminate routine flaring and in providing incremental electricity generation.  Reducing and eliminating flaring is a continuing challenge especially for offshore operations.  The gas can either be reinjected or piped toa gas fired power plant nearby, likely onshore, or put into a gas transmission system.

Another area that offshore operators should be considering is methane / fugitive emissions and energy efficiency which can allow more natural gas to be sold or reduce the use of fuel transferred from onshore.

Remote Methane / Flaring Surveys

Future Energy Partners can deliver remote surveys using satellites to detect flaring and methane leaks at offshore and onshore installations.  We are working with several partners that use satellite data to measure flare volumes which can then be prioritised for action.

Thermal infrared sensors onboard Earth observing satellites can be used to effectively detect and monitor high-temperature events around the world such as the flaring of natural gas resulting from oil & gas production, development, and refining activities.

Measurements of temperature and power of individual and clusters of flare stacks can be detected, measured, and analysed daily from satellites supported by a 10-year-old archive.  

It is possible to use state-of-the-art data processing techniques to analyse vast volumes of daily thermal infrared sensing data to map and monitor oil and gas flaring activities in any region around the world.  This analysis can be used in locations oil and gas infrastructure to infer activity levels and even production rates over time.

3D Visualisation for Leak Detection and Maintenance Opportunities

For specific offshore operating platforms, Future Energy Partners can deliver a 3Dvisualisation of an operating facility/platform.  The use of as-built documentation and 3D Laser scanning can assess platforms / FPSO’s / refineries.  Our partner services can also be used to support the certification process of offshore operations.

Using a diverse team of surveying, piping, mechanical and process engineers enables us to support clients with high quality engineering and custom solutions that meet the specific needs of producing companies in their dialog with regulators and other stakeholders.  We advise clients on the process flows in their oil and gas plants

For mature facilities with no meaningful documentation, we can arrange to scan the as-built infrastructure and generate an intelligent 3D model with all relevant information. On this basis the process can be optimised in close cooperation with the operators using bespoke and innovative methods. This supports operators to increase production and to reach their environmental goals.  The innovative methods in precision measurement, laser scanning and building monitoring enable geo-referencing of existing areas, facilities, or units in a high-resolution display.

Based on such data, a 3D model can be generated in a variety of formats. In addition, the model can be transferred to an intelligent format and that can generate all drawings, cross sections, isometrics, or P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams). This provides a comprehensive basis for all future incremental investments and modifications.

Cutting Edge Leak Technology

Future Energy Partners has access to the latest technology to fix leaks.  Our associates are international market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality, high value industrial static sealing products, delivering industrial gaskets on a global scale.  Revolutionary products are continually being developed which can deliver a more dynamic seal.  A global customer service network is ready to follow-up on any service or future needs.

Predictive Analytics of Rotating Equipment Failure

The Dynamic Risk Analyzer (DRA) is designed to close the current gaps in risk assessment approaches.  It is a predictive, process risk and operations management tool, designed for plant personnel to assess the risk level of their plant’s operations daily and prevent random and unplanned process shutdowns.  It is used to determine when parts of operations are deteriorating, so plant personnel can take preventative action.  

DRA analyses vast amounts of process data to identify as-yet unseen anomalies that cannot be detected using traditional engineering models.  Combined with its dynamic approach, DRA empowers operations teams (plant managers, supervisors, and engineers) to discover risks and failures at their formative stage before they become visible or threatening.  DRA complements hazard identification and quantitative risk analyses.

Inspection Routines and Maintenance Optimisation

Using the latest risk-based, visualisation software, Future Energy Partners and associates can enable operations and inspection teams to collaborate to improve inspection routine efficiency, and therefore the efficiency and cost of maintenance interventions.  

The software platform is used for visualisation, planning and preparation of all scopes of work, as well as for consolidation into work packs.  By bringing together all existing data sources on any producing asset, the platform provides a single consistent picture which is made available to everyone through an open application program interface (API).  This allows all of the latest information to be accessed from anywhere, at any time, at the touch of a screen – delivering enhanced efficiency and enabling continuous improvement.

Remote Working

This is the tried and tested opportunity being implemented in many offshore operating oil and gas facilities.  Future Energy Partners can provide an analysis of the opportunity and recommend a plan to reduce, or eliminate, manning of an operating facility and move controls and manpower to shore while increasing operating effectiveness.  Our associates are industry recognised experts in delivery and support of Integrated Operations, Digital Transformation, and Integrated Operations Centres.

Management Systems

Future Energy Partners has a team which can assess and work with the leadership team of clients to enhance and modernize a company’s current management system with the objective of addressing operating efficiency, safety performance and costs.

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Development of a Modular Seawater Desalination Project with Solar Power

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