Utilising decades of global experience across the energy spectrum providing technical and commercial solutions

What we do

Future Energy Partners deliver solutions to technical and commercial challenges across the energy spectrum. Our partners and associates each have decades of global experience in the evaluation of exploration and development opportunities in oil, gas, and renewables.

Objective expert advice in the context of country, technical and commercial risks is essential to the success of any capital programme, project, or operation. Acquisition and divestment of assets is a complex business activity requiring a holistic understanding of the risks involved in such transactions, with success or failure being defined by the depth of quality of the due diligence process.

We assess opportunities and risks, exploration strategy, project execution issues, reservoir management opportunities, electrification, decommissioning, and opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why us?

Unrivalled Experience

FEP was founded by leading practitioners and academics with a proven ability to delivery industry leading solutions

Technical & Commercial Excellence

The team has extensive global experience in planning, developing and operating assets and businesses

Pragmatic Solutions

FEP provides practical and fit for purpose solutions that are implementable today in service of tomorrow’s challenges.

Business Areas

Asset Due Diligence

Future Energy Partners can provide complete technical and commercial due diligence throughout the asset life / business stage.

Our team developed an oil and gas asset development plan for a mature Caspian area project where high level terms had been agreed.

A technical and commercial evaluation was conducted including a site visit to assess the condition of the plant and equipment and local stakeholder issues. In this case, we recommended that the acquiring party not complete the acquisition without significant changes in the acquisition terms and conditions.

Developments and Project Management

Future Energy Partners has experience working globally in most of the world’s prolific basins.  

At the strategic level we have established and implemented risk-based processes whereby our clients can view and rank their opportunities in a holistic and consistent form, providing a framework for investment decisions – across conventional and unconventional portfolios while incorporating industry best practices.

We can assess the state of capital projects and identify remedial actions to mitigate project delivery risks.

Exploration Strategy

Future Energy Partners have provided exploration support and guidance across a variety of clients and geographies.

Our experience and ability to define and communicate exploration opportunities across the organisation (from engineers to C-suite) and externally e.g. to Investors has been successful across North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the UKCS, the Norwegian continental shelf, the US GoM and other basins globally.

Our clients include traditional Exploration and Production companies as well as Private Equity investors.

We can provide guidance / technical reviews on activities ranging from petroleum systems, exploration and appraisal planning, well proposals and evaluations, through to exploration license evaluation and resource estimations.


Future Energy Partners advise governments, institutions, investors, and businesses on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues including alignment of objectives, compensation models, environmental and social risks and opportunities, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA’s), as well as providing bespoke Capacity Building.

Many challenges relate to the interaction of energy resource developments and their impact on regions, communities, and society as a whole. There are many opportunities to ensure the development of new forms of energy supports the growth of economies locally and regionally, while respecting the rights and welfare of those impacted, and the natural environment.

These interactions can be managed to the benefit of all parties by providing jobs, compensation, along with the guaranteed protection of people’s rights.

Capacity Building

At Future Energy Partners, we are focussed on expanding horizons for society and creating prosperity. We are also very aware that the global pandemic and associated economic consequences have closed off a key element for the development of young people - the opportunity for work experience and on the job training.

Our associates have amongst them hundreds of years of industrial experience backed by academic achievement. This experience is made available to individuals and clients through:

• Bespoke and tailored training courses - not only do we share subject matter methodology and techniques, but crucially the human factors that make the world of work go around – teamwork, career development, performance management, conflict resolution.

This experience transfer will help fill the vacuum of lost opportunity due to the fundamental changes the world is going through, and the uncertainty it faces.

Our Core programmes are:

- Health Safety & Environmental Management

- Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities

- Management Systems

- Introduction to the Renewables Industry

In addition to the courses shown above we have helped with the development of courses in Greenhouse Gas Inventories, Enterprise Management, Public Health and Petroleum Leadership and Management.  

We are actively forging relationships and working with academe and institutions throughout the world - with much of the training provided by distance learning and the Internet.

Expert Advice

Future Energy Partners can provide specialised Expert Dispute Resolution support for clients – addressing the issues which require a combination of deep technical and commercial experience to address disputes and differing legal interpretations of business activities.

Such disputes typically arise in joint venture operating agreements, ESIA’s, production sharing agreements, contracts with third parties, and labour and government regulations. We have advised JV partner on their position with respect to…their rights in the Joint Operating Agreement.

We conducted a project review of a major project in offshore UK to provide lessons learned to be applied their other development projects.

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