Developing carbon abatement plans, providing leaders with assurance that the company is in action, and that there is confidence in future delivery

What we do

Future Energy Partners provide clean energy options and practical solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves in being a consultancy that is dedicated to bringing the supply of energy that is required in today’s modern world in a responsible and professional manner, with due recognition of the global challenges facing society and a detailed understanding of the business imperatives. 

At the heart of what we do is improving the economics of prospective and existing projects - delivering technical and commercial excellence in disciplines which includes the use of renewables and fossil fuels.  Many countries and companies aspire to carbon neutrality by 2050.  This must be the mission for enlightened companies which aspire to an economy and society with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.  Future Energy Partners has expertise to evaluate the client’s assets, energy status and commercial needs, and from that provide options, and propose pragmatic solutions that either address current carbon emissions or propose investments that offset those emissions.  

We do this through rigorous evaluation, use of data and modern digital tools such as Virtual Reality, methane/flaring detection by remote sensing and automation, and through our people who have years of experience in electrification, fuel management, renewables projects of all kinds, and business leadership.

Why us?

Unrivalled Experience                            

FEP was founded by leading practitioners and academics with a proven ability to delivery industry leading solutions

Technical & Commercial Excellence

The team has extensive global experience in planning, developing and operating assets and businesses

Pragmatic Solutions

FEP provides practical and fit for purpose solutions that are implementable today in service of tomorrow’s challenges.

Case study

Uganda GHG Inventory, 2020

The challenge was to create an updated Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory for Uganda building on existing studies and building capacity with the Ugandan experts that will update the Inventory going forward. The project was funded by Conservation International, an American based NGO. Due to the timing with COVID-19, the training sessions were adapted for online delivery working in conjunction with Nexus International University. Stakeholder engagement was a key deliverable for this project. The project entailed working with an international expert in the methodology, the engagement of all relevant stakeholders in the country and conducting a series of online training sessions and workshops. The updated inventory will be utilised by the Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment to track GHG emissions from all the IPCC sectors such as agriculture, forestry, industry, waste, energy and transportation. Completion certificates were issued to 48 attendees by the University and the international expert. An additional 33 attendees participated in some or all of the workshops and training sessions.

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