Tackling and providing solutions for the toughest issues in the transition to cleaner energy  

Energy Transition

We provide a road map to a carbon zero future for firms of all sizes. We provide clean energy options and practical solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Energy Innovation

We work with innovative and agile solution providers to identify opportunities to address industry challenges. We then present these turnkey solutions to our clients allowing them ramp up their transition to a net zero future.

Energy Excellence

We deliver solutions to technical and commercial challenges across the energy spectrum to immediately improve business performance - from operations to governance.

Process Safety must take precedence in High Hazard Industries

Process safety incidents often claim the lives of workers, impact families, and cause substantial financial costs to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, operational integrity and process safety are critical to the success of companies and countries. What are the lessons to learn?
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Is oil refining on a slippery slope?

Refineries are a major source of GHG emissions. Future Energy Partners can provide you with practical options and solutions to deliver a refinery fit for the future.
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A Roadmap to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions, especially those fugitive ones

The road to Carbon Neutral by 2050 or sooner must deal with the existing sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
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Advances in emissions tracking technology can help governments and operators alike

Eliminating flaring and fugitive methane emissions are mission-critical for oil and gas companies
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Advantaged Hydrocarbons

Global energy demand will not be met solely from renewables - gas will be a critical component of lifting billions out of energy poverty – but can exploration keep pace with demand?
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The 21st-century energy system will be revolutionary — are you ready?

Future Energy Partners (FEP) was established nearly 10 years ago by senior industry executives and academics as an energy consultancy dedicated to ensuring the successful transition from the oil age to carbon neutrality. As the Economist recently stated "The 21st-century energy system promises to be better than the oil age—better for human health, more politically stable and less economically volatile. The shift involves big risks. If disorderly, it could add to political and economic instability in petrostates and concentrate control of the green-supply chain in China. Even more dangerous, it could happen too slowly." The team at FEP is committed to keeping you informed of the key issues and opportunities on this journey.

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